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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by northman, Nov 20, 2005.

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    Hi. I am ready to replace my old Minolta x370 film camera (1985). I am not interested in a digital, I am in the beginning process of looking. I am really ignorant of the cameras on the market. I will use the camera for portrait and landscape shots. My requirements for the new camera are:
    -fast flash sync speed
    -auto film advance
    -good quality sharp lenses

    I am not really intersted in a camera that has every feature in the world. The less the better.

    In my first investigation I came across the Nikon F100. It has a good rebate right now and it seems to meet my requirements.

    I would appreciate very much any comments or suggestions you may have. I made a career change about 4 years ago to a phototgrapher. I love it and want to improve.


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    Even though I'm a Canon guy, the camera seems to be on the level.

    For a similar price the Canon offers the EOS 3, which has 45 AF points and will probably focus better. But I haven't used either of the cameras.

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    The F100 is an outstanding camera. It has a lightning fast AF, extremely accurate metering system and a very durable body. The only better cameras in Nikon's film line would be the F5 and F6. Unless you are going to beat-up and abuse it like a working pro, the F100 will fill all your needs. The only thing it really gives up to the F5 is the later has interchangeable prisms and an added grip. A little trivia, the Nikon D1 series of digitals are built on the F100 chassis with a F5 grip added. The F100 can take its fair share of abuse, without a doubt.

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