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Jan 31, 2015
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I know, I know...I did something that we are not suppose to do and read Ken's site but I like to read it every now and then for comical reasons.

But I thought it was funny when he said using a tripod during the day makes you a amateur.

Using a tripod in daylight

For photography's first hundred years or so (1850 - 1950), ISO 32 film was a reasonably fast normal film. Color film was slower, usually ISO 10.

Even in broad daylight, you were making long exposures at large apertures.

You needed to use a tripod to allow slower speeds for smaller apertures for depth-of-field, otherwise nothing was in focus.

A typical color exposure in broad daylight was f/4 at 1/125. If you wanted more depth-of-field, wanted to use a telephoto lens or if it got cloudy, you needed a tripod.

When decent film reached ISO 100, which was a speed almost unheard of up through the 1950s, the tripod went away for daylight use, and with digital, they aren't needed, even at night.

Someone shooting with a DSLR on a tripod in daylight probably has a few screws loose. VR further eliminates the need for tripods. If I shoot a 15-pound 400mm lens, I use a monopod; not to steady it, but just to hold the weight.

Okay. I agree that you don't need a tripod to take a regular picture during the day when its bright enough. It can easily be hand held.

But he fails to mention the ones who are using a ND filter, shooting macro, video, self portraits, etc. There are tons of reasons to use a tripod during the day. On another page he explains you don't need a tripod to do long exposures at night either.

I think Ken Rockwell is the one who as a few screws loose...
Everything he reviews is "Best on the market ever" at the time review is published.
He's even against RAW! o_O
You don't need a tripod for anything if you find a stable rock.
and don't mind photos being fuzzy from movement and stuff like that.
Plus he probably uses a $9.95 tripod from Walmart which would be worthless anyways and provide fuzzy photos from it's wobbliness, thus a reasoning a tripod isn't needed for anything.

his world is just kinda small in his camera usage.
I believe there are no right or wrong. However, there are personal preferences. I am not saying I will do everything that he recommend to do, but I will take note and see if that works for me or not.

Keep in mind he is not in a position of teaching a class, he created a site to support him with opinion. Of course, we are supporting him to achieve that goal now.
And don't forget, at the end of the day, love him or hate him, Ken is probably making more money from photography than most of us put together!
Send him 5 bucks

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And yet, in the world, where computer make taking technically acceptable pictures extremely easy and we are swamped with billions of them every day, he knows exactly, how to make money on this. He is just catering to digital mania of the present, feeding all appetites photo-amateurs have. A person, who's full time occupation is photography wouldn't have a time to go through Rockwell website and even less time to think about his philosophies. :anonymous:
^ Yep, there are more than one way to skin a cat. :)
Don't say that too loud around here, there's a lot of cat lovers around here.
I don't understand the need to tear somebody down. I really don't.

IMHO it's a bit 7th grade.
I don't think anyone is tearing Ken down and despite what people say about him he points out valid changes of upgrade models and has his own formed opinion and that don't make him wrong. He knows a thing or two about cameras and you can take what you want and leave the rest.The guy knows how to make money so all the power to him. I rather read his stuff then watch some half a** review on you tube.
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And don't forget, at the end of the day, love him or hate him, Ken is probably making more money from photography than most of us put together!


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