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Aug 1, 2010
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Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
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Hey everyone. I am new to photography. Just learning to use my new Canon T2i (550D)

This is one of my fav shots that I have taken so far. (Only had the camera for about a month)

Let me know what you think..
I tried a couple of different focal points but this one seemed to pop the most.

I am always open to words of wizdom.
Spend too much money on the camera and can't afford lessons yet..lol

A nice image with a lot of potential - I would consider experimenting with a monochrome conversion on this. As-is it's nice, but appears to have a slight yellow cast, perhaps a minor WB issue. I would also consider a shooting position a little more to the left, so that the fenceline appeared to start in the middle of the frame, and maybe a tigher crop to eliminate some of the trees in the background. Keep at it!
Thanks for the advice!

I tried a few positions and even strait on but this one seemed to be best.
If you notice at the very bottomm left, there is a yellow poll. Any more to the left and it would have been directly in my shot. The yellow is probably do to the fact that I Had the camera set on cloudy because it was an over cast day. Something I am sure I could change is PS.

How's this?

I like the arrangement of the last photo, but both look to me to be oof.

What are the settings you had for these shots?
Nice, but perhaps early or late in the day with long, strong shadows would be more visually interesting.
.... oof I hope thats a good thing..lol

As I am very new to photography I am just learning to use the features of my DSLR

I was using Apature Priority, f/4, ISO 100, WB Was cloudy, color settins were set to vivid blues and greens
Nice, but perhaps early or late in the day with long, strong shadows would be more visually interesting.

Yes I agree shadows would have really added some dramatic effect but I was on a road trip and just happened to see this... in fact what I saw was a tree that had broken in half and was so old it had no bark and was blue. I pulled over to photograph it but nothing i seemed to do looked good, but in the same place was this fence and BAM it was a geat subject..

It was overcast but still bright that day so the light really washed everything out.

It was taken at aprox 5 pm

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