One more of these handsome little dudes!

TILT! They are sliding to the right... really!
TILT! They are sliding to the right... really!

While I agree, their mom kept telling me she wanted some angles (she loves this picture) and of course, I spend some time pleasing my clients, instead of my own eye.
Cool setting! I really hate that tilt though, and they seem a little too far to the left side of the shot for my liking. It's throwing off the flow of the photograph for me. I feel like it's also a little over-saturated too. Otherwise, good use of soft lighting and the exposure looks great.
I dig it. A lil too far off for me.. and tilts don't bother me at all in moderation. I agree a tiny bit oversaturated maybe but it kinda works in that setting IMO. Awesome spot!

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