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Feb 23, 2021
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I would like opinions on this photo. Something looks "off" to me. The older man on the left is 5feet 8 inches tall, and the younger man on the right is 5feet 11 inches tall, but he looks so much smaller than the older man. Can anyone tell me an opinion on this photo, if it is "real" or if the people look like they've been superimposed onto an image of grass? I appreciate any comments


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Looks real to me.
Looks superimposed to me. Just don't look right at all and that tank seems to be floating.
It looks odd to you because you know their relative heights.
Put together, shadows are all pointing in different directions. At least that's what I think.
Put together, shadows are all pointing in different directions. At least that's what I think.

Agreed and there seems to be no actual contact on the ground plus that tank just looks bizarre.
My guess is an ultra-wide lens was used. Hence the perceived perspective distortion.
Looks like it was taken with an ultra wide angle and has a lot of distortion going on. Being turned through 90° adds to the unreal feeling but I'd say it looks ok to me. If quite odd.
To me, the shadows do match up; the image looks "real" to me. I agree it is a wide angle shot and you are seeing a lot of distortion.
If the older man is 5' 8" (68"), then let's do a little math. If he straightened his legs out, let's say he would fill the frame top-to-bottom. Assuming the image was taken about 4 ft off the ground, that means a 16-18mm (full-frame equivalent) lens was used. At that distance, there'd be all sorts of cah-ray-zee distortion.
I can't put my finger on it but it does look odd.....
Who's shadow is crossing the men? Looks like the photo was taken by a drone. That is a very odd perspective.
This may not be the case, but it looks like you shot w/ a wide angle lens at close distance with cropped right side of photo, so the left person looks larger because of edge distortion. Look how large the older man's left foot is at the edge of the frame indicating a super wide lens.
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The camera does not see what the eye sees. Like some of the others have commented, I would attribute it to lens distortion. Look at the difference in the size of the man's feet.

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