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    Funny old hobby we have. I was in Finland in January last year, in a typical bar in Tampere when myself and some friends got talking to the locals. This huge guy with a shaved head and wearing a fur coat made of wolfskins came over and starting talking to us to practice his english. He has his camera and when heard we were Irish he showed us photos of his recent trip to Dublin. It was amazing how his first photo was of the Bloody Stream in Howth, my local watering hole!

    Then last night when out a Polish guy came up to me and said 'Your René Bruun, the photographer, right?' 'I know you...' he said.... I was in shock! He said he saw my photo on my site and he was a fan of my work!

    Then to make things more funny I bumped into some people from California last night in Temple Bar, Oliver St John Gogarty's pub. They were having a blast being here in Ireland and they showed me some photos on their COOLPIX compacts. Low and behold they had a photo of my friend Michael in their collection. He is the lead singer of Rattle and Hum, U2 Tribute band and they just saw them at a show in the Guinness Brewery!

    Amazing how people connect through photography.... it's becoming a smaller world..... Anyone else had similar experiences?


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