Photographing a public demo- advice please.


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Jan 8, 2006
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St helens, England
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There is a demonstration taking place this weekend, and I won't share where or what it is about, lets not let politics get in the way of photography, but I am in favour of its causes.

But due to the fact that in some parts of my life I am an "upstanding pillar of the community" (or should that be pillock?) I thought I would attend with an amateur photographer kind of hat on, so that if things get a bit rowdy i can always fall into an innocent bystander mode. I really, really couldn't afford to get into trouble with the police - potentially a job loosing encounter if i did.

Any tips for discreetly capturing the crowd? What is the polices view on photgraphy of demos?
Won't need to many pictures of the bobbies as if I want them i can speak to my son's godfather, who is a serving coppper.
Plan the shots in your head, only raise the camera when you need to. Practice shooting from the hip. When shooting from the hip raise the iso, and stop down the lens so focus isn't so important.

Make it clear that you are there photographing the event, not a member of the event with a camera.
darin3200 said:
Make it clear that you are there photographing the event, not a member of the event with a camera.

Difficult, as I am in favour of the cause, but wouldn't want to appear to be on either side TBH. Impartiality is the way forward in this case I think.

Problems would lie the other way as well, as the UK police are renowned for video & photo evidence of public order offences, and I wouldn't want anyone assuming I was information gathering for either side.
If it's a publicized event (I'm assuming it is) the media will be there anyway... Just kind of stand around them and shoot away. If you want to get into the thick of it, casually mingle in but like Darin said, shoot discreetly.
You can't get in trouble for photograhping it. Whether you are with the group or just observing. If it's big there will probably be other photogs there anyway.

Don't take any sh*t from the police asking you to hand over equipment or delete your card. you don't have to and they cant make you.
I'm glad I don't have to worry about stuff like this in the United States, 1st ammendment rights. Honestly, if you are worried about losing a possible job, don't go.
Oh sorry, forgot to say this as well. Could you elaborate on how you could lose your job? What exactly would make you lose your job? If it's attending then they can't fire you for that. unless you signed it into your contreact.

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