Photoshop Burn & Dodge Tool for Beginners: 7 Video Tutorials

Discussion in 'Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery' started by RushNP774, Jan 2, 2009.

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    I've only been dabbling in Photoshop for a month or so, and after hearing a lot of photographers talk about burning and dodging, I wanted to see what they were talking about. I spent some time on YouTube watching tutorials demonstrating the use of Photoshop's burn & dodge tools (and some even had information about the sponge tool as well). I gathered the seven I liked the best, and put them in a blog post on my blog: Metavo Photo.

    7 Photoshop Dodge & Burn Tool Video Tutorials

    It may help someone out there, and instead of embedding them all in the forum, I just sent a link to my site.


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