Pre-release trailer-flesh eating squirrels attack!


Mr. Rain Cloud
Jul 23, 2009
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I just saw this trailer today on YouTube. It deals with flesh-eating squirrels...

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Not sure if ya'll noticed exactly what the squirrel on the limb is gnawing on there at the end... lol
And now I am scared of myself!
NOT showing this to my wife. She was working in the garden one day, and there was a squirrel scampering around. Next thing she knew, it ran up her back, and she jumped up - with the squirrel now hanging on to her hair. Lots of screeches, shakes, and the squirrel flies off, lands a few feet away, and then runs in her direction again. By now, my wife has figured out that it is the demon in squirrel form trying to come after her, and she started stabbing at it with a rake. At this point, the squirrel figures out that this lady is going to fight back, and takes off. My wife runs the other way, into the house. Nope. Not showing this to my wife - it will just confirm what she already knows.
ummmm... that actually gave me chills.
I admit it I jumped at the first attack!

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