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Jan 3, 2008
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I recently tried to get the below image printed at a local Walgreens (ok that's my 1st problem right?? lol). As you can see, I cropped out some of the river so the image is not as tall now. I got it printed in 8x10 size but some of the image is cut off width wize and the image is stretch height wize. Is this an error on my behalf or Walgreens? Also what should I do to determine exactly what size I should print a cropped or "so called" long skinny photo?


*Skanned 8x10 Print*

If you have photoshop, use the crop tool and specify the dimensions. You can then adjust the location and size of the crop, and PS will force it to stay at the dimensions you wanted. I can't say for sure, but I'd say the error is "probably" yours with just improper cropping.

Hope that helps a bit.
ok, yeah I have PS. So I should look at what ps says it should be and get it printed to that size? The way the photo looks in the original is how id like the printed version to look like. Im going to check and see what it says now. thanks
So you want it printed long and skinny like that, but on an 8x10 sheet?
It says the print size is 54" x 19"!!! Does anybody know how I can correctly re size this so that I can print a significantly smaller image.
In photoshop, first do a save as so you always have the original full res version, then in the copy go to Image -> Image Size... and you can adjust the image size there without affecting the crop. (Based on using PS CS3)
LOL If I make it 8" high, it has to be 22" long and if I make it 10" long it has to be 28" high. I dont necessarily have to use all of the 8x10 space, I just want the entire image printed with out being chopped off and distorted. Thanks a lot BT, I'm going to keep playing with this and see if I can figure it out but thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
I see u have photoshop. Open up the original the leave it . Go under file, new and create a new canvas at a common printing size lets say 8 x10 if wallgreens prints that or 8x12 at say 300 dpi. Now with both the canvas and image open select the whole image( just the image with the rectangular marquee tool) then hold and drag the image to the canvas you created. Now Crop the image at say 8x10 or 8x12 whatever walgreens prints at leaving the white above and below or just below, your choice then cut it off after they print the photo. Cheap means more work your choice. Basically you putting your image on a white canvas the croping for the standard print size then cutting off the white . Hope the helps and not compicates.
If you print this on 8x10 paper uncropped (which is what it sounds like you want to do - have it look like the panoramic picture you posted) it will only be 3.22 inches tall (and 10 inches wide). It will be almost the same size it is on (my) monitor (it will be slightly smaller).

I think it merits a bigger print. 3.22 inches is not very much...
I guess it would look something like this.

Yup. You could actually fit two of them onto one 8x10 sheet.

If you don't want to crop, I would think about something more along the lines of 28.4x10 (same aspect ratio as the original), or larger.

That's obviously going to be a custom order. Custom usually = expensive. If you're willing to do a little cropping you might be able to find a more common size that would work. You could also have it printed as 3 or 4 separate prints and hang them next to each other (each print would be a different section of the photo). Not sure if you're into that sort of thing, but it could be pretty cool.
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Can you print at costco they go as high as 12 x 18 for 2.99 if thats what your looking, for use thre same process.

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