Pro vs semi pro dslrs


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May 12, 2013
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I've been browsing dxo marks and I'm curious what the differences are between what is considered a professional and a semi professional DSLR. I compared the Nikon D800, the D4, and the Sony NEX-7 (because I own it). I was pleasantly surprised at how my NEX-7 faired against the full frame cameras but even more surprising is how the sensor of the D800, considered a semi pro camera, beat out the D4 in the dxo mark tests. Does the pro part just come from what other capabilities the camera comes with? I guess I didn't see any reason I would choose the D4 over the D800 for double the cost. Am I missing something?
Just like Engine in the car. At one point, the Lotus Elise use the 4 cylinders engine from Toyota. But if you put the Toyota Celica (which share with the same engine) on the same track with the Lotus Elise, I bet the Lotus will have a better lap time.

Camera sensor is just one of the item in the camera. There are a lot of other factors to consider.
Most professional grade DSLRs have a vertical grip built right into the camera body.
For Prosumer (semi-pro) cameras a vertical grip is purchased as a separate accessory.
In general, camera makers do not make a vertical grip for their entry level cameras. Some aftermarket gear makers do make vertical grips for some of the entry-level camera bodies.

Today there are a few entry-level cameras have some weather sealing, external controls, and improved build quality attributes.

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