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Aug 11, 2020
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A real macro lens would help tremendously...since you use a Canon crop sensor camera, a 50-70mm macro prime would likely be about right. Canon ef-s cameras adapt to 7 legacy 35mm brands-- with a glass free lens adapter which will give you infinity focus. Since you are going to be photographing your negatives from 1 to 4 in from the front of the lens I think you might be able to use 25 or 30 different brands of lens with an extension tube and an inexpensive lens adapter. I have myself used four different brands of 1970s and 1980s lenses on my Canon cameras.

to copy a 35 mm negative which measures 24 by 36 mm, you need a lens which will focus fairly close.

Thank you so much Derrel!! This was more than an adequate explanation and I think I will invest in a better lens!

Can't you just convert to grayscale?

That's actually what I tried today and it basically solved the problem, but I was afraid that I'd lose too much quality or photo information ‍:confused-55: Would I?

You're the best judge of that.

I believe your camera has a monochrome mode so you could also try that.

But, Derrel is right about lens choice. Long zooms may have close focusing capabilities but they really don't give very good results when used as a macro lens. They're sort of a better-than-nothing proposition.

Also true! Thank you compur! For my eyes, it looked quite ok. However, I want to aim for better quality so I may listen to professionals.

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