Queen Anne's Lace V.2


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Nov 28, 2011
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After I was done weeding the garden I went for a wander around some of the trails with my 50mm. This Queen Anne's Lace caught my eye again but this time it was the pink so I went with colour.
Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!

Its nice, but I still think the saying holds true. The sequel is never as good as the original ;)
Ha, fair enough :) thanks Tiller :)
Morning coffee bump sine I posted it late in the day :)
Mmmmmm coffee.
This one is way more delicate totally different feel than the first one.

I love the original, but I love the sequel too. That color is just gorgeous. I mean look at those greens! I am green with envy!
Thanks C :)

I was definitely going for a different feel from the B&W shot, more of a painting vibe, that green was so rich!
I did not see the other pictures, only this one. I think this has too much top space, and the cropping off of the sides of the plant is really hurting this. I wish there were more depth of field on the main blooming area. This is a pretty naturalistic look at this plant, and that's why the cropped-off sides of it bother me--I want to see the whole plant. The main body, the main part, the major visual reward, is basically centered in the frame, hence the reason I said too much top space. THis would look great had it been a square, with more side-space for the plant's green bowl.

One time years ago, I ran a combine for a guy, and had to combine about 25 acres of oats in a low patch down along a creek. The oats had been infested pretty badly with what he called "wild carrot" (Queen Anne's Lace). I had no idea why he called it that until I had combined about two passes through the oats; this plant smells almost exactly like carrots when it is chopped up by the thousands!
Thanks Derrel, I can get on board with wanting the whole width of the flower, try as I might I couldn't get it in using the 50mm (with the FD to EOS adapter w/o glass I'm pretty limited) I may play a bit with the crop on the one in the OP, I did get one horizontal with the whole thing but missed the pink and I think that hurts it, it is also quite similar in composition to the other one being referred to (here is a link if you are interested http://www.thephotoforum.com/forum/black-white-gallery/332802-queen-anne-s-lace.html ) which I was trying to avoid.

I like the look of this shot better than the first shot.
Thanks Derrel :)

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