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Aug 30, 2007
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Louisville, Kentucky
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Thought this made a nice abstract image. Post processed RAW image in order to brighten picture and bring out the color. Let me know what you think.

I think you did a nice job on the exposure and processing, but the subject matter itself is a bit boring. Also I would have either cropped or cloned out the guys head in the bottom right of the frame. This looks like an interesting building though, I bet you could find a better angle.
Thanks for the comment. I agree, the subject is not very exciting. I was just play around with the shape of the building with the clouds, going for a more abstract feel rather than a specific subject.
A different crop would make it more abstract. Try cropping out all the bushes and buildings from the bottom leaving only the circular structure and clouds ... what do you think?


for more abstraction kick up the contrast solely on the structure.
I like your mindset, I have tried similar things with some pictures.

First off, I think your framing could be better. The two parts of the picture - the clouds/sky and building/bushes - just seem too large and too 'nicely' framed for an abstract shot. Find some new angles and don't worry about showing us the entire structure or the entire cloud, just the parts of each that when combined form an interesting image. You could even try focusing on just the building and the bush, see what you come up with.
This would be perfect right before it rained...you know, with dark clouds in the sky. And put it in Black and White. Thats what i'd try

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