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Aug 15, 2006
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How do you rate and why?
Rated above average, because I always think I am at my peak until I learn something new. Although the reality is I still have a lot to learn.
We have to know what the average would be. The average of everyone in the world who owns and uses a camera? The average of everyone who has a higher end camera (read as SLR?) The average of only those who are actively pursuing the actual hobby/profession of photography?

By just saying, rate your photographic skills, it would be assumed that is rated against everything photographic which includes all those who take snapshots in auto. Thus, just about everyone here should be rated as above average as it would be assumed that if you are here, you are shooting for more than just snapshooting in auto with a $79.99 camera.

So.... I rate myself as way above average :D
Good answer mrodgers.

I only know one person IRL that can take a photograph better than me, and hes been doing it professionally for 20+ years. So that makes me above average.

When compared to the people on this forum, however, I could not hold a candle to most, if not all, of the regulars. That makes me below average.

What is the OP getting at?
I always shoot for a high level in anything that I do. In music, it was comparisons to others in world-class competitions that I was in, in martial arts, it was Canadian level competitions, in photography, I compare myself to professionals that I personally know and have worked with. In that sense, I am merely average but am constantly pushing hard to improve.

In terms of comparison to the knowledge level of the average dSLR user, I am above average, but that doesn't mean much to me... I find greater motivation in becoming an above average photographer compared to the best that I can find, and that is what I am always striving for.

What is the OP getting at?
Abraxas is a wealth of questions that stir up interesting discussions. :)
Since I know that a P&S's flash won't appreciably light anything beyond 12 or 14 feet- I must be WAY above average. :)
Sticking airplane landing lights on your P&S doesn't count. :lol:
What is the OP getting at?

abraxas is a very wise old man, He'd never acknowledge it but he is the modern equivalent to Ansel Adams. He has this unique way to get people to see what it is that is infront of them for them selves and helping them find the right way to photograph it as they see it. With every one of these vague questions he posts, those who read them and really think about the question improve just by having thought about it.

To answer the original question I am below average, I strive to achieve mediocrity and often fail to see what it is I am trying to accomplish. Perhaps I should downgrade to a point and shoot. Back when I was opperating soly on a digital P-Shooter and just after moving back into an SLR I put somuch more thought into what I was doing and knew what I was looking at. I seem to have forgotten this over the years with all the options my SLR provides me with. My photos this past couple years including some of my best have been little more than long range snapshots.
Since I know that a P&S's flash won't appreciably light anything beyond 12 or 14 feet- I must be WAY above average. :)
Wait a minute.... You saying I shouldn't have been using the popup flash of my little Fuji when I was in the top section of seats at the Superbowl game? :lmao:
Wait a minute.... You saying I shouldn't have been using the popup flash of my little Fuji when I was in the top section of seats at the Superbowl game? :lmao:

I don't think he's saying that at all, Pictures from the super bowl or any other major event in sports history with thousands of flashes going off in the background are really cool to look at. Everyone knows everything is better when it sparkles.

:lmao: that reminds me, when Cal Ripken Jr came to the plate during his 2131st game, his helmit literally looked like one of those animated gifs you see on Myspace.
Battou you are your own worst enemy - this might sound harsh but I do mean that.
You have to break this mental view that you have with yourself and your hobby otherwise you will only serve to make yourself miserable - belive me I have seen this too many times! You work with children do you not? Well don't you offer support and encouragment to them - help them to choose the right path and so on and keep them enthusiastic?
Well you are past that level of a child so things are harder - you have to find that for yourself now - others can help, but your your own boss now and you have to find that in yourself otherwise the words and thoughts of others won't be able to help you (As much as others might wish to do so).

I honestly don't want to see you destroy yourself - its painfull but I can't help you out of this - I can offer words of support and encouragement and I can give my advice on your photography (as others can) but in the end you have to sitdown - look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself that determination. Tell yourself that your not a waste of space - that you CAN and you WILL!

Myself I have not picked an option from the three on offer in the poll -- I do grade myself to my own ideas of standards and I know that whilst I am not any good as some, that I am better than others and that I am working towards getting better than some also. I work at my own speed and though I would like to go a lot faster I can say that I have enjoyed the travel - its not about the destination nor is it about the journey - its about both together being the whole; and until I finish the journey I can't really say at what level I truly am at at this stage.

So I shall say that I am what I am and that others can make their mind up as to where that is on their own scales by looking at my work - I am proud of it all (well all the shots that worked at least ;)) and at each stage I worked to the best I could (most times) so I have no regrets.
I'm never as good as I dream to be ... a lot worse than I used to be.


PS- Doesn't matter how I compare to others.

PPS- The fact that you are on a photo forum makes you either above average or soon to be above average.
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I'm not sure whether this is a service TPF normally provides, but I can check round the back to see if the couch is still there and serviceable if anyone would like to make use of it.
Above average because I believe the average anymore are the P&S shooters and, those who do not know there are other Modes than Auto.
I said above average not out of any ego but because out of the majority of people who have and use cameras - from cell phones to cheapo P&Ss to high-end SLRs - I'd say I'm better than most. ;)

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