Redo of the daughter in the tree pics. C&C if you want. :)


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Jun 13, 2010
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These are some I took of my daughter in the tree. This is a redo of sorts. This is a great tree that I can lift her into. It's hard to get a full body shot cause the sun really blows out her legs every time (and she's too scared to pick her legs up to the limb, lol). She wants to get in the tree every time, but she's still antsy about it. Anyhow, this is what I came up with this time. Figures my Understanding Exposure book came in on the way home from the park. Now I'll get started reading it! :)


IMG_4166lowres by jenangeljen, on Flickr


IMG_4185lowres by jenangeljen, on Flickr


IMG_4179lowres by jenangeljen, on Flickr
Honest opionion, I like the pix, but I think your WB is off.
The blown background would bother some people but it doesn't bother me and I think I'd fix the WB and convert it to BW on that image.
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I had it set to daylight for these pics, they all looked really dull, so I upped the saturation. Of course she was fairly red (lol) cause it was pretty hot. Thanks for your opinion. Which one are you saying to convert to B&W?
I dont like it because when you focus and reframe, the camera may decide to change the focus pt and it wont focus on the eye anymore. HOw many focus pt are you using?
Hey misstwinklytoes.. I don't have a lot of CC for these (but your daughter is very sweet! ) =) I hope you enjoy the new book, there is SO much great information packed in it, and Peterson's photography throughout is really a joy to look at while you study.

As for WB on these, I think daylight may not have been the best choice, as it looks like you were shooting in the shade. If you shoot in RAW, the best way to fix it is to adjust the WB slider to the correct temperature, and ussually isn't an issue. If you shot in .jpeg, though, it can be cumbersome and sometimes destructive to correct. Also- boosting the saturation isn't ussually a fix for anything. It should be used to taste just for adjusting an already properly white balanced image.

That aside...I look forward to seeing more from you, and especially to watching how you learn to apply the new book! Have fun =)
Ms Twinklez this is one of the effects I like for the 2nd pic. Changed to BW, added contrast, used a tint. If ya like it its yours.

You used 7 focus pt. You wont be able to focus on the eye.
Schwetty: Just one focus point.

Aayria. You're right. She was pretty much shaded by the tree and it's my bad cause I forgot to switch from sunlight (at the very sunny park) to shade when she got up in the tree. :( Ah well crap. I always shoot in RAW. I should have clarified, I wasn't boosting the saturation to try to fix the WB (cause I thought I already had the WB looking pretty good), I did it cause I wanted them more "vibrant". I'm excited about the book too and hope to learn a lot. :) Thanks for the comments about my daughter, she sure is patient with mommy.

Mo: Nice edit. I really like it. I wonder what it would look like in regular B&W. Thanks for your replies and ideas!
You used 7 focus pt. You wont be able to focus on the eye.

Not according to the settings I set on the camera. I used the one focus point to the right of center and I had the camera vertical so it was near her eyes.

Is there another setting I need to change?
You got it right then.. I need to learn how to read EXIF Data LOL. Just your AF setting I do not like so much... maybe im wrong though.
Yes they're a lil soft. I'm her mom so i love them.

Do you have a suggestion for fixing it or just pointing that out?
I am not sure but it seems that your shots are not focused on the eyes. Personally I like the "ONE SHOT" AF. Use one pt focus closest to the eye, point the focus point to they eye, press halfway, recompose while still pressed halfway, snap.

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