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    a friend shot a photo and the specs are as follows:

    width 3504 pixels
    height 2336 pixels
    48.667 inches
    32.444 inches
    72 pixels/inch

    how do i crop/convert this landscape photo to a portrait 8x10? normally what i would do is create an 8x10 canvas in photoshop with the same resolution, shrink down original and then cut and paste into. but my resolutions are typically 180 or 300 pixels/inch. how do i make sure i get a "high res" 8x10 from the original? :confused:


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    You could do it the same way that you are used to. Create a new canvas that is 8x10 with a resolution of 300 PPI. Then just cut/paste or drag/drop your image onto the new canvas. You may need to resize it, then move it around to get your composition.

    Another option, in Photoshop, is to use the crop tool. Select the crop tool and then set the variables (usually in the top bar) to 8, 10 and 300. Then when you crop, it will become the right size and resolution for an 8x10 print.
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    Those numbers are all related. Do this sum

    48.667" x 72ppi and 32.444 x 72ppi

    What do you get? 3504 x 2336 (the image size of a 20D or 30D camera

    To work out the size you need, you want to print an 8 x 10 @ 300ppi so that is 10 x 300 = 3000pixels by 8x300 = 2400pixels.

    Resize the image to this pixel dimension. Set the ppi to 300ppi (with resampling switched off) and the image size will automatically be 10x8.

    The crop tool as Mike says is also very useful.

    What software are you using?

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