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May 6, 2011
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Minnesota, South Dakota (for school)
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I just drove 30 miles to the closest state park with plans to attempt some night landscape and some star trails. I got there, walked around for 15 minutes, found the perfect spot by the lake, got all my equipment out, set it all up, positioned myself, turned on the camera, looked at the top to check my settings and realized that I forgot my memory card in my computer. WORST FEELING EVER!!!

Lesson learned: Always triple check to make sure you have EVERYTHING!

In hindsight, at least I wasn't on my way to meet a paying client...
We've all done it!

Be thankful that it wasn't something more critical. All you lost was the gas from the drive. No biggie. :)
Amen to that! It could have been much worse! I can't wait until I get home this weekend and get a camera bag. Then at least I'll have my backups with...
Honestly, I've never forgotten a memory card.

But I have started out with a nearly-full one and ended up with 5-6 shots for my efforts.
I've forgotten my battery once. I got everything packed early...but saw the battery was 1 or 2 bar so I plug it in the charger. I was running late so I forgot about the battery and grab my gears to go. lol luckily it's not for something important.
I feel for you.
I haven't done this ..... Yet.
(knock on wood)
I've done the memory card thing with my GF2! I left the box back at my parents house after Christmas. I assumed the GF2 has a mini-USB like my D7000 but nope! So I have the pop the SD card out every time to upload pics and I've done that thing. Not to your extent though. I just went out for a walk and hoped to snap some shots. I've done it with my D7000, but THANK GOD for that second card slot. I could still shoot.
Did it recently on a ski trip. Got set up to get a pic of my kids' first time skiing. No card. Now I'm skiing with a brick around my neck the rest of the afternoon.
Been there. I have no less than 3 cards at all times now.

Three things I learned the hard way.

1, Take your card out of the computer (and have multiple back-ups)
2, Charge all of your batteries (and have multiple back-ups)
3, Inventory your bag before you leave EVERY TIME!
I have done this TOO many times that now I keep a spare sd card in my car!

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