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Oct 3, 2011
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Heres another one that I did the other day. What do you think???


For some reason when I upload it the lighting looks a little more harsh on my face
Heres another one I did.... did i shop my head to much?

I like the first one. The second one kind of looks like a MySpace/FB picture. I don't like the composition - I feel that if you have some arm and torso in the shot - you should have it all in - meaning both your arms. The full arm. Just my opinion though!

Are you holding the camera in the 2nd one??
Thanks for the comment! I like other people opinions thats why we post on here right?! :)

Ummm.. can't remember but I think I had it setting on something. :)

I see what you mean about the arm and i should have had it in there I guess. :)

Thanks again for the comment!
I actually like the idea of the first one, but I don't like how your head is just barely hovering in the lower right hand corner.

If I were you, I would have pulled the frame back a little, composed my face closer to the left side of the frame and up a little in the frame to include some shoulder.
I like the first more, but I agree with E.Rose. As first attempt, I would let the neck be at least slightly visible. It is vaguely religious - something far from me, but communicative.
I somewhat like also the second (a sort of old paint), from the composition point of view, but I would give more light on eyes.
You are lucky that your model is always available to redo :) .
Thanks for the input people! ;) I do agree that I should have had m neck in there a little more! Its kinda hard for me to get these I'm still not good with sp so I'm trying to get a little better. :)
I really like the first one, I just love B&W portraits. It would be nice to see how it would turn our if you pulled back a bit to included some neck and arm. I bet it would add to the composition in a really great way.

Nice work! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you!

I'm sure if I would have it would look a lot better and i will have to try that sometime :)
I like the first one, although it leaves me wishing I could have seen more of your eyes- since it's usually the eyes in portraits that I'm drawn to.
You mean you want my eyes to be directed more towards the camera?

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