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Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by JonnyVPA, Feb 16, 2007.

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    Scranton, PA is my Hometown but im constantly movi
    Okay... so i have this slideshow and i've been using it as a digital resume for a few things, and for some reason i've just felt that its not that good
    even though it shows my versatility in the fact that I shoot just about anything

    can you guys give me your opinions

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    Sorry to be so open and frank, Jonny, but I only went in there for the first 10 or so photos and then clicked it off ... photos of this kind are quite boring to me; as soon as all these people and the situation they are in are total strangers to the viewer, only a very, very strict selection of the one, two or three very best of the bunch can be interesting for quality elements they have. Other than that only those who show in them will enjoy them (and the slideshow for that matter), for they will recognise the party and themselves and all the others.

    Sorry, I never stayed on long enough to find out what else there is...

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