Snow Melt

Doc Wiseman

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Dec 16, 2007
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New Windsor NY
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Still learning my shiny new Canon 40D. Went out in the yard after the snow and watched the droplets. Had to cut the size down for Fotki. No post except Sharpening and cropping.
That's pretty "cool". :lol:
Not a big fan of the composition but its a cool shot indeed.
Heya, welcome to ThePhotoForum and congrats on your new "toy", too! :D

Well, I like the composition and I really like the subject, but then I just like droplets! :D Focus looks perfect to me.
nice, at least you had snow over there.

here there is even nothing to melt.

Anyway, the composition is, well, very half/half. also it is a tad dark maybe.

but nice otherwise., in particular the focus.
oh, and welcome to the forum!
Thanks for the comments. I'm not a big fan of the composition in this size. When I took it up to 8X10 for printing it looked much better. The limitations of my computer and Fotki forced me to crop it too small and force the composition.

Went out this morning while the sun was actually visible and took some more song bird shots. After lunch I'll wash them through the "shop" and see what comes out.

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