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Nov 28, 2007
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I am a student at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) in their Product Design & Innovation program. It is essentially a cross between Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design and humanities/political science.

I am currently working with a group of students on a product for digital photographers and hoping to get some insight into the way different types of photographers operate and their needs.

I have created a survey and I'm hoping that some of you wouldn't mind taking a moment to fill it out for me. Here's the link:

Thanks very much, I truly appreciate your time and as new member of the dSLR community I hope to frequent these forums in the future.

Nicky Hajal
Product Design & Innovation '09
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
I did it. You're welcome. HOpe your class goes well..and hope you're not just spamming our forum and actually contribute one day.
Me too. To be honest, I am posting this link (and exact text) on several photography forums because I want to include as many photographers' opinions and needs as possible.

It isn't really feasible for me to become an active user on all of the sites I am requesting assistance from, but as someone who just started getting into photography a bit more seriously I truly am hoping to participate more in a photography-related forum.

Perhaps this will be the one (it does look great!), but I hope that people may help out a fellow photographer, as you did, just because all I'm asking for is your experience, knowledge and needs.

Thanks again, I hope no one takes my posts the wrong way!
Wow, its a small world.... I work in the RPI Tech Park. GL on the project. Let me know if you have any questions, more than happy to help.
well this is the perfect forum for hope to see you around.
So.... does the 'Tute still suck? lol..... at least it's got more women now and a ton of $$$$$ funding never-ending building.... but it's STILL in Troy and the drinking age is now 21......

Well, it was one hell of an improvement over West Point...... We had an ungraduated alumni association at RPI in '73 - over a dozen resignees..... one even headed NROTC

I was Industrial - pardon me - "Management" Engineering myself........
A few comments after taking the survey:

My use is heaviest on vacations - with 4 people running up a few thousand shots (winnowed down later).

While we use a laptop to download (access to the web or other use doesn't come into play where we usually end up - National Parks), we also use an Epson P-2000 for downloads.

Storage capacity is as much a function of the quality of the shots and cameras used as any other factor. Bigger is easier - never had a failure so that's not a concern.

If you're looking at a download/storage service alternative for photogs, it's not a real option for my type of use - simply no access where I normally stay. A 'better' version of something like the P-2000 - with a larger screen to check shots out - would be of great interest to me. Our 'archive' approach involves hard disk mirroring at home and DVD copy storage elsewhere.
Haha, what a coincidence that there are some locals and RPI Grads around.

The place is ok... I'm not a huge fan of engineering courses (I'm more of a hands-on, creative, kinda guy), but the PDI Program is pretty unique and satisfies my needs for now...

As far as the girls, there may be 5% more, but to be honest engineering girls just aren't my type, for the most part. It's still not the best place to find a date.

The funding is going up but so is the tuition... and they keep building these damn buildings for Graduate research that I'm never going to step a foot into.

So, you're not missing much, to be honest. ;) How is it on the other side?

Thanks for the additional comments, by the way... I'll be sure to post up our work once its complete; given the response I think it could have some interesting use for a lot of photographers. (If only it was feasible for me to begin manufacturing!)

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