A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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I'm a glutton for punishment today, after rushing to post my last thread instead of sitting on it for a bit I'm going to give it another go with this one ;)

This is a second go round for this shot but a different tree. The last time the feedback I got was it wasn't detailed enough and I tried the same tree again, with the same result, it's a smooth tree and it won't lend me any more, I found this one and it had lots of details to catch. I quite like the different textures.

Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!

Seems kinda bland.

Needs cropping. I might suggest a square with the diagonal.
More detail, less of that noise/grain ... more detail.
Higher contrast.
... though that is just my personal opinion.
My thought is to up the contrast a bit to see if it brings out the texture a bit more. Right now I'm not really feeling the texture of the bark in the shot
Thanks Dennis and Carol.
Perhaps I'm hitting the same wall as the last shot, this one has no bark either, it's bare wood and the shading is different levels of what has split off and different colours in the wood. I will mess with the contrast again later and see if it comes up a bit.
How did you light this?
Sun was camera left and I had a reflector low camera right trying to miss the top of the ridges, I'm thinking of trying this again early in the morning so sun is low camera right / no reflector and perhaps getting more shadow in the diagonal ridge but worry top left is going to lose its definition.
Right crop to left of vertical crack. Bottom crop at the point the diagonal intersects the left side. Now it's a "whatsis".

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