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"The Quack Shack"


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Dec 8, 2011
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the south
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Well, I talked a few people into a swamp trip. my wife included in it. we both enjoy kayaking. I was on the hunt for these floating "shacks" in the middle of the swamp. google earth showed a few on the satilite view, one was not there anymore and the quack shack was moved, but I found it.

didn't take much time to take photos of wildlife, but I did see 4 osprey flying around a large nest, along with a few yellow crowned night herons, and water snakes, along with a good deal of prothonotary warblers. I only took the 70-200 plus tc1.4 and a 24-85 for the wider stuff. was great fun.

prothonotary warbler


from the outside, I don't think the camo is fooling anyone

just the basics right?

I was not about to use it so don't ask. LOL

well stocked kitchen...

tie up your kayaks

sometimes you use what you can to mark a water trail in SC

taking a little snake break

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