TinyTogger's second Entry into next weeks competition

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Jun 8, 2010
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Barnsley, Oop-Nooerth, UK
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Next week we have our Open Mono Print competition at the Camera Club. My daughter (TinyTogger - the 6 year old togger) will be entering again. I already showed her first image (the one with the Owl Toys and the Egg).

This is her second choice of image. She took the picture at our club portrait practical evening, and she processed it today using a mixture of Nik Silver Efex pro and some painting in of the blacks. All the photo taking and PP slider sliding done solely by TinyTogger (as per the rules of our club).

Your thoughts?

Whooooose in the Shadows by Tiny Togger, on Flickr
Well, she has me beat. I wouldn't even enter now. LOL. Great job TinyTogger!! Nicely done.
Well, she has her future set in place in the world of photography. Nice!
She did a fantastic job. Way to go TinyTogger!
Very nice! I think you are in trouble, Bend! :)

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