Tried something different.. be gentle lol

I think #1 is cute. I like that you are trying to frame your subjects in different ways :) I would have liked it better if the oof leaves were more delicate rather than the big green 'blob' of them. It sort of draws the eye. Regardless, its a cute shot and the couple will love it I'm sure.

I don't care for the second. I find the shadows distracting. And the tree on frame left just looks kind of messy. I do love the pose though, even more than the first pose! They seem very connected here (notice their hands are on each other rather than hanging by side as in image #1)
I like the out of focus foreground bokeh (from the tree bough) as a compositional building block, as done in the first shot. That has a very Japanese-style feeling to it. I would have eliminated the tree in the background, left, as I did in this crop, which brings their eye contact to the forefront. I think this is a strong shot, cropped this way. The colors I left alone--they are a bit too "jazzy" for my taste.


On the second shot, I cloned out the branches that were near his head, and cropped the image, and also vignetted it. Their embrace it the key element; the dappled light on her leg is un-recoverable from the JPEG file I was forced to work with. But here's what it looks like with all the extra trees pared down...

Thanks for the edits! I do agree that first cropped in closer looks better!
Thanks for the edits! I do agree that first cropped in closer looks better!

I like the first photo a good deal. I love the way your framed it with the OOF vegetation elements. Looking at it now, on a white screen border, I think maybe the vignette is just a bit too dark. Thanks, I appreciate hearing back from you.
I like the first one with a closer crop, the second I'm not a HUGE fan of the dappled sun but it is another cute shot!

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