Tripod and Polarizing Filter Recommendations


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Aug 8, 2009
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I am in the market for a polarizing filter and a tripod. I have never purchased either of these so I don't know much about he brands/features.

Of course, I always hear about Manfrotto tripods and Hoya or B+W filters.

I am not looking to break the bank on these selections. I need to set a budget of about $100 a piece for these. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I ran across this tripod. Slik - Pro 330DX Tripod with 3-Way Pan Head - Pro 330DX

I think it would be nice to have a pistol grip head, IF they are a good thing. They seem very useful to me.
My recommendation is not to buy any tripod that costs $100. There are A LOT of threads about tripods on here, and there's some good information to be had. This article: Tripods and Ball Heads by Thom Hogan is a pretty good read. Even if your budget is not as large as his, he really hits on a what a tripod needs to do, and why $100 one doesn't cut it.

For the polarizer, B+W will not disappoint, solid stuff. (Just make sure you get a multicoated one)
The main reason that I dont want to spend more money on a tripod is because it is rarely used. Rarely. I currently use a $20 flimsy Walmart tripod and it usually gets the job done. The legs are just a little weak at times. I will read that article though.
I have to back up what analog dude said.

If you just want a tripod just to set the camera on, sure get a cheapy, but if you want a tripod to use for it's intended purpose, then please heed the advice and save or allocate for a good one. Any tripod will "hold the camera for you", but the idea is to actually keep the camera steady during the exposure. Perfect conditions are hard to come by.

Absolutely yes, you can buy a cheap one and set it up in the house, take a long exposure and thats great, you'll say, see I didn't need a better one, but when you go out by the lake for an evening shoot and the wind blows, it will whisper to you...."those good folks at TPF told you so". Then the wind will blow the strap just a bit.
Start surfing Craig's List; there are great buys there. I just picked up a Manfrotto ball head (Older version of the 057 series) in excellent working condition for $20; cosmetically it's a little worn, but who cares? That just makes you look like more of a pro! ;)
That's a nice filter. You'll like it. I would not recommend putting your camera and lenses on a cheap tripod. Quite a risk. For $200 you can get a nice Manfrotto 055xprob or similar series and be able to trust it. You have some great work on your website. Good luck.
I mostly shoot people for $, but for myself I like to shoot a little of everything. Plus I have a 7 day carribean cruise approaching.
Caribean Cruise FTW! Sounds amazing.
You talked about a tripod just a probably already know this.... but that polarizing filter will eat light, so sunrises and sunsets it will slow your shutter speed.
I don't see much about Induro. I bought one with a ball head and really like it. As I remember about $180. It's not carbon fiber, but very high quality aluminum with a nice case and tool kit. There are two smaller versions for less money.

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