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Mar 20, 2009
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Kelowna, B.C.
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hey all - i took this shot in vancouver a few weekends ago.
it was such a BLAH day and i was really frustrated
at first i hated it... buuutttt then i played with it a bit...b&w, cropped, contrasted....
now..maybe it's ok? let me know what you think. thanks!

Hi woojie,

Let me start by saying - great vision.

I think the subject is great - For me:
- the image is a little over-sharpened
- the sky is too bright - could be enhanced on PS if you got the skills - unfortunately I don't..

It's a beautiful composition though- I'd love to play with the original file (RAW or otherwise - for fun to see if I could add anything. Probably not - I just like experimenting -

To finish - I think it's a great subject - and you captured it very well

Well done
- daithi
i'm not sure how to darken the sky either but i could do a tutorial on that
and yes, i noticed the over sharpening when i posted it :S
gonna go fix that now heh
thank you very much - glad the composition works!
Not a huge fan of it.. But Vancouver is an awesome city, I try to make it up there as often as possible!
haha ya it's pretty nice.
well... i changed a few things....
figured out how to darken the sky and took out some sharpening...
this better daithi33? :p
i'm still not a fan either haha

meh, the sky looks smudged in this one, even though i didn't do that :S haha
ah well, i give up
I think its a very nice composition. just too sharp and blown out sky.
show us the color version.
Hi woojie, yep the second image looks better with the darker sky and less sharpening. Enhancing skies is a PS trick that I need to learn. When done properly it can really give photos a boast that have been taken on overcast days.

haha thanx... colour one isn't looking so bad to me either now haha

ya, i did a tutorial online about darkening skies
i used it on mountains in the distance too and it works pretty good!
i played with it a bit here but it was my first attempt... i'm sure there are tons of ways to do it too

all i've learnt is to quick select the sky (or mnts), press Cntl+J, right click on that layer created with your selection in it and go to the top to "blending options".. then pick Multiply under the drop down menu. it gets quite dark! you can adjust the opacity just below the drop down box to play with how dark you want it.
pretty easy and effective! :)

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