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Walkaround Lens for Europe trip


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Aug 31, 2011
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I last posted on this forum and not sure how many from my days are still around, but I'm pretty sure the community's still great and an excellent source of advice, so here I am.

Next year I'll be traveling to Europe and need to buy a walkaround lens for my D7000. I'd normally use my 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 FX even though sometimes it's a bit tight for buildings and that sort of things, but unfortunately I got distracted for a second and it feel from the table and broke. I'm pretty sure it can be fixed, but for now I want to take the chance to but a new one. Besides that I only have a 50mm f/1.4G but even though that's an amazing lens and I love it, it's not the right lens for a trip to Europe.

I was actually thinking on a used Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 as I need to keep the budget around $500, but thought it was a good idea to come ask you what you think and what you'd recommend. Of course I've checked lots of articles talking about the best travel lens and blah blah, but all of them tend to repeat a lot of the same stuff over and over again.

Above all I'd like a zoom lens with the highest IQ I can get for this budget, a fast focus and that's at least 17mm on the wide end. Don't really need a long zoom, as for that I'll eventually fix the 28-300. I know it's hard to get on a zoom lens for this budget, but I absolutely love my 50mm f/1.4G in regards to IQ and focus speed, so something close to that would be much appreciated.

So, opinions?

Thanks a lot in advance for taking the time to read and have a good day!

I was going to suggest the kit 18-105 but then saw 17 and fast.

My friend has a sigma 17-70 f2.8-4. He gets good shots, says the lens is great. Same guy has some very high end gear so from that I think if he says it's good that it is

I'd go for the 17-50 or 17-70 too.
I own a Tamron 17-50 which is fine, but people say the Sigma is better.
I have the Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4 and it's a great multi use lens. I use it for vacations and like it a lot. It also can be used as a "macro" due to it's minimum focusing distance of 8.7 inches. I picked it up used from Adorama for under $350 almost 2 years ago. If you're on a budget, I highly recommend buying used or refurb from a reliable company like B&H, Adorama, Cameta, KEH etc...
Thanks guys! Glad to hear I was on the right track. I'll see what I can find used in store when I'm in the states this December. Thanks again!
I'm going to buy an a6000 as my walkaround lens for my D600 for my upcoming euro trip.
I'm going to buy an a6000 as my walkaround lens for my D600 for my upcoming euro trip.

Having 2 systems really drains your finances, just so you know :)
I'm going to buy an a6000 as my walkaround lens for my D600 for my upcoming euro trip.

Having 2 systems really drains your finances, just so you know :)

I was actually looking at a fixed lens mirrorless, but I like the a6000 offering, and will be more than satisfied with the 16-50mm kit lens.

I'll wind up using that thing more than some of my other lenses and possibly the D600 in general.
Its a nice set up alright. I have an Olympus system as well as Nikon. I keep seeing this olympus lens and that nikon one. I'd have a more streamlined set up if I only had one brand. Can't bring myself to sell the Olly though
For me when I want a smaller system I take my Nikon D5100 with the 55-200mm lens, it gives excellent results in good lighting and I always also take my Nikon 50mm 1.8G for the lower lighting condition if needed, small lens that does it all VERY well.
On trips I always take both my D750 and D5100, the D5100 is just for backup.
For me owning 2 systems is just not cost effective, if needed I can use all my lenses on both my cameras and both are capable to produce good images so this way I dont need to own or "schlep" more then the bare minimum equipment I need on trips.
But of course thats my look of it and my alone, to each his/her own :)
can you fit it all in your pocket and enjoy your trip?
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I'm going to buy an a6000 as my walkaround lens for my D600 for my upcoming euro trip.

Having 2 systems really drains your finances, just so you know :)

Having ONE system really drains your finances.
Having two systems just makes it harder to choose WHICH system gets all your money THAT month. :lol:
I would get a small fuji x100s/t for your "walkaround" lens. The 23mm (35 equiv) is awesome for walking around and the system is pretty damn light - even with 4 extra batteries in your pocket.

However, if you really want the reach, then but a nice big lens for the same price as the x100s/t :)

btw - if you need a zoom, you aren't TRAVELING - you're staying static and zooming *grin* Go get CLOSE to things!
The X100S/T is exactly what I'd love to have for travel (maybe X20 or X30 with a zoom lens is a more sensible choice) but that thing is very
expensive and most would rather invest in their main gear. It's around 1000 euros here.
To me the x100/t is a waste of a great sensor in a body that can only do one focal length. Yes its a lovely imager but a small aps-c camera with interchangeable lenses is (in my opinion) so much better

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