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Feb 7, 2009
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S. Idaho
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Went back to the canyon I found a couple weeks ago ... "Black Magic Canyon" in the middle of the Desert in S. Idaho...... an ancient river ran through this volcanic basalt and carved some of the most unique shapes and forms I've ever seen - see me flickr page below for more of these...




Love these. I'm a fan of natural abstract shots like this. The 3rd and fourth ones would look great on a wall, I think.
Rick, really nice, interesting images - lots of potential for "abstract" imaging. I particularly like the B&W conversion. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely put this on my list of places to visit, the next time I am in that part of the Idaho.

I would be curious to have some sense of scale/size of these things.


Good stuff! My only quibble is that in the second, the small rock needs to be a little more off center, and also the right side is so OOF it is a little distracting - perhaps crop or darken? The second, with some adjustments, and the last one are my favorites.
Nice shots, ottor. Intriguing for sure. For some reason, #2 seems a little unbalanced. For giggles I recropped (didn't post it) and put the small stone closer to the bottom right of the frame. For my liking, it was better. I think that the dead space on the right is what is throwing me of on that shot. Love the rest :)

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