Wedding photography - My meeting w/ my bride


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Nov 13, 2008
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LOL nah it was just something Crystal showed me. Funny as sh*t! With so much drama going on here, I think we can all use a little laugh! :thumbup:

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This is terrific... they absolutely nailed the complete level of oblivious ignorance people have about professional photographers. Heh, I know enough about that job to say it scares the hell out of me and say whatever a pro wedding photog gets for a job, he deserves at least twice that amount.

And the best part is, you can make these videos, too. Pay attention to the info at the end. I think this style got viral with the Evo 4 Vs iPhone 4 video with the same voices. Google it, it's a riot and nails they way people think about their phones. NSFW.
Hahahaha...10-500 mm lens...this thing made my day
Damn I wanted to post the one with Judge Joe Brown where they sue the wedding photographer but its gone!
lol yeah I saw it but its priceless to see the full thing cuz all of a sudden Judge Joe Brown is a camera equipment guru LOL Man I think it was staged so they realized people were questioning it so they took it down
Ha! I wasted an entire evening not too long ago watching those things on YouTube, good stuff.
Ok..I had to look around.. this was priceless lol.

Here's another one =P

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