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Mar 13, 2005
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Birmingham, UK
Hi Guys!

I am bored at the moment and decided i would make some sort of website, but I am intrested in know what would people like to see on the internet? Free Photo Galleries to store images? Free Email Addresses? What I am unsure so thought I would ask as its for you guys!

Hope to hear your comments.
A thought I had recently is a collection of "60 second" tutorials for Photoshop.

Anything that can be read in 60 seconds.

Red eye reduction
Image resizing
(other common practices)
nitefly said:
If I had a good idea, I would go through with it myself instead of letting everyone know my great idea :p

You know my idea for a good website already, anyway.

What is it? :mrgreen:
I was thinking something text with pics maybe but video could get more information across faster I think.
maybe a wikipedia type thing for photography where people could post short articles and essays on their observations in photography....or just tutorials, anything of that sort. i liked the 60 seconds idea also, that might fit together with that.
I pitched the wiki idea to Chase once but he shot it down.

I still like the idea though :p

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