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Jan 20, 2012
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I Have been trying to figure out how to achieve the effect in this picture:


Notice the burn around the edges and the blue areas on the right side. For a while I thought it may be a polaroid that was manipulated, then I thought maybe light leaks, but ultimately I just don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
That looks like film, are you sure its digital? Very creative image.
It looks like a camera with a sprung leak. I suppose you could emulate it by removing a tiny section of the light seal in a cheap 35mm camera...

If you're digital, you could do this and then expose a roll of very fast color film with the lens covered while discharging a flash from various angles and composite the scanned images, starting with color dodge mode or overlay.
There is a ton of photoshoping involved here. Really cool image though.
Thanks for all the input you guys!

Do you think the photo is digital or a film photo on a CD? That grain just looks so damn good.
looking at it, my guess is that it's film taken with a leaky toy camera.
Quotes from Neil Krug:

"After our first shoot with the Indian headdress we knew we wanted to incorporate as much Polaroid film as possible into this project. Some pictures had to be shot digitally to get the composition to work, but mostly we have been able to achieve what we had in mind simply with a Polaroid camera."

"The whole thing was to make it look like old illustrated book covers, and expired Polaroid film lent itself to an illustrated look more so than any other film I could think of at the time, and I was already using it anyways. Not all of Pulp was shot on Polaroid, though, there’s tons of different film formats in there."
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It was edited using Photoshop CS4 on a Mac. The EXIF data doesn't contain have any camera specific info so it most likely was not shot with a digital camera.
Pretty easy to tell it's an old Polaroid - look at the top right corner... nothing gives that chemical spread mark
Actually I wonder; if one needs a Polaroid effect, why not to use a Polaroid. Or are we THIS far out, that people can think ONLY in terms of digital simulation ? Far-out.

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