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Dec 25, 2011
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So I learned everything about the camera and I'm starting to catch on to photography and hopefully getting better =). But one thing I'm having problem with is what mode to pick? Before I was told neutral and thats what I've been doing since I work most in post production. And it gives me a lot more options to edit. But I recently downloaded this mode called "cine style" on to my camera for video. And I was wondering if that would be ok to shoot photo as well?

Overview of cinestyle:

You guys think its better to shoot in cinestyle if I do a lot of post production
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What camera body are you using? I shoot Raw+Jpeg, with the Jpeg for quick looks and the RAW for color correction, adjustments, etc. You seem to be referring the the picture style setting, and I use my in 'standard' but keep in mind I don't edit my jpeg files, RAW only. If you're doing post-production, you should be using RAW anyways, and the Styles are not associated with RAW.

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