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Nov 14, 2021
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Yashica T1111578. Can't find anything matching online. And what type of film? I found this among my dad's things. TIA!!


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Wow, that camera reminds me of my 2nd 35mm camera from about 1967!
My 1st was the "brick" bought from a pawn shop in about 65.
That little Petri turned me into a photographer!!!
Your Yashica is in pretty rough shape and probably not worth anything except to you. Hey, the deliriously optimistic insist that film is making a COME-BACK!!! LOL
Less than you paid for it? Just a guess.

Gotta love this sort of drive-by post...
Less than you paid for it? Just a guess.

Gotta love this sort of drive-by post...
Yes, it's nice when anyone asks a question, that maybe they will get notification or at least come back and see the answers and say "Thank You"

I just was at the auction and a guy bought, all the cameras on this table, for $140 (or $150?) I wasn't taking notes or paying close attention. I had already picked over what I wanted.

I want to ask him, what he's going to do with all those old film cameras? Maybe he has a booth at a store, or eBay or maybe he wanted a nice instant collection, just for fun. But going back to the OP and old cameras, film cameras, those old Kodak box cameras are everywhere. Personally the old prices of $3 should be the current value. But maybe inflation, so Five Bucks for something to sit on the shelf?

Folding cameras a little more, they aren't useful for anything, they don't make the film and most of them have holes in the bellows and fogged lenses, but for a decoration? Sure I'd pay Ten Bucks?

Modern P&S film cameras. Hardly collectible, not highly attractive, not functional? How much is a pretty paper-weight worth? Resale value, not worth the cost of shipping it. I saw a Canon EOS film camera in one of the resale shots. Asking price was $25 which I'd say is someone who's got dreams and a very over rated sense of resale value.

Reminds me of my Dad when he bought a new pocket camera, because this was the latest, remember disk film cameras? If you thought Instamatic were terrible, the disk cameras were tragic. I mean, for those who don't recall, each frame was smaller than a 16mm film frame. And what about Kodak Advantix, someone gave me one of those. Rare, unusual, and still worthless.
Hard to tell, RacePhoto, who the bigger sucker was in your auction tale. Whoever bought that lot and put it at auction thought they'd clean up--and did--thanks to the guy who cleared the table dreaming of a fast resale buck. Both swallowed whole the misinformed view that film cameras--any film camera--will attract buyers based on the near-urban legend of a rollicking film revival. Please...

While many of us dream of a thrift store Leica M3 or Rolleiflex, most cameras on offer are low-end beaters or invalids with issues. Current costs for bearable dev-print service on a roll of 24 C-41 usually top the price of those cast-offs.

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