White Sangria


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Nov 27, 2012
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Was hanging out at my cousin's house last night and having a few drinks. Saw this shot while drinking and had to get it. I think I spent around a half hour to get it where I liked. My cousin kept telling me, "go take pictures of my garden or flowers", but I just wouldn't budge.

Anyway, here's my White Sangria

Not bad; curved glass is tricky to shoot and light, especially "al fresco". A flag of some sort was needed to control the reflection above the liquid, and I think it would have benefitted from a bit of a background reorganization, but regardless, not a bad shot.
Yes, curved glass can be a challenge. Since I was away from home, I didn't have any flags or anything to block off light or any shinycards to help bring in a nice small highlight onto the glass. And yes, some of the things towards the background could be rearranged. I don't like how the chair is in the right side of the frame just above the plate and I don't like how the plate is peeking out towards the left side of the glass. Those are the things that I would change if I were to shoot this again. Might mess around with another set up like this sometime at home this week. Try to make it a bit more pleasing.

Thanks for the input!
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