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Jun 13, 2010
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My mom's dog buddy ... again. But I think I did much better on this one. The background was distracting so I took my minimalistic PP skills and tried to clone it out.

That's one cute doggie! I think this is a great picture!
Well thank you. He is a rather cute (and horribly spoiled) puppy.

My mom has replaced spoiling my kids with spoiling her two dogs while we're not there. (cause we moved 2 hrs away)
He sure is a cutie. =) I think you did a nice job here. I think you already know the background is not the greatest. It looks like you have a nice focus on his eye. I might crop it a little closer and I would like to see him in the grass or somewhere more doggie like.....=) Have fun with it!! If he is a good listener try some neat shots in the flower bed or set him up w/ a fav. toy.
Cute little dog, but uncomfortably cropped to the top of the head and the nails of his paws.
Might try a different crop. We call buddy a shade dog. When it's 110 degrees like it has been when he goes outside he runs from shadey spot to shadey spot. For example from under one car to another, under the tractor, under the porch, etc. :D
Nice shot. Aside from the blah background I think this is one of the best shots I have seen from you even though its a straight forward composition, it works well. Maybe just a hair tight on the crop and maybe just a touch of fill needed for the head/face but thats just my taste and me splitting hairs. Good job.
thanks :)

Someone mentioned the tight crop on head and feet and honestly those didn't bother me, but the tail did. :D

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