Wild dolphin encounter!

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Jun 8, 2009
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SW Florida
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Man I have been really lucky lately! A mother was teaching her calf how to catch fish right off the seawall of my jobsite today. Took these over about 30 mins. All I had was my 105mm. Luckily they were less than 10' away.

Not quite as sharp as Id like. But I only had a second or two at a time to shoot them.



Here you can clearly see her looking (and smililng :sillysmi: ) at me. Thats the edge of the seawall!


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A fantastic encounter for yourself and some good photography as well! For me I have to say I like the first for seeing both dolphins next to each other swimming side by side with the clear - parent and child relationship showing; and like Erik I am fond of the second shot as well - great capture and emotion.
You count these "not as sharp as (you) like"???
If that is the case, then I fear that "sharp as you like" would be piercing my eyes out and blind me! I find these EVER SO sharp!
And what a lucky encounter (and presence of mind!) to capture these scenes in the way you did!!! Wow.
Thank you gentlemen. Man it was really neat just to watch their interaction so close. Even more so after they made a point of coming to check me out. The mother made a couple of really slow almost drifting passes right at my feet.

Corrina: what Im seeing is a little motion blur. I probably could have done with less dof or higher ISO to stop the action a little better. I missed some really sweet shots of the baby jumping and tossing fish around. :( The weather was bouncing between overcast and sunny too. You can see a storm starting to blow in the last couple pics.

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