Winter is coming - C&C please! :)

Really love these. I especially like the composition. The only real complaint is that I wish she was looking a little more towards the camera in #1 and #2 so we could see the whites of her eyes
All great shots and I love the mix of textures you have here. There seems to be a slight variation in processing for each image and I like the skin tones and softness in the second pic the best.
fantastic. It will look awesome b&w too.
Pretty good. I like 2 best.
I absolutely love this series, great mix of emotion and texture. I don't care for the halo in 1 and 3 and not because its a halo itself , just to my eyes it is distracting, my eyes tend to go to it before I take in the overall image.
Thank you so much guys! <3 I honestly wasn't expecting so much positive feedback :) I'm really happy you like them, thats what always reassures me that it is worth taking pictures :)
Very nice. But I think the first and the third are missing catch lights in the eyes, and they would really help.
I like the second one specially. The others are good too, but I like the composition more on the second. The catchlight on her eyes, the expression, her clothes, the dof... it's a great portrait, with a very warm and cold feeling at the same time.
I love the scene, facial expressions, composition is good. The processing is driving me crazy though. It's just too unnatural with the halos but that is personal preference. I think they would look much better blended a bit. Otherwise nice job :)
Great shots. I like 1 & 3 the best.

It doesn't hurt that your model is beautiful either. ;)

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