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Aug 1, 2007
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We just got back from Florida, and while I was there.. I snapped some shots of a cute little girl on the beach. Very talkative .. she was, and very photogenic. I want to touch some of them up and send them to her parents, but I'm not that great with PP yet.

I am wondering.. if anyone could please give me some suggestions, as to what you would do with this photo (I've got several I would like to do a little enhancing to)

Thank you so much for the help!

Isn't she a cutie?



This is just a minor touchup done in Camera Raw.
1. Adjusted White Balance
2. Increased Clarity
3. Increased Saturation
4. Leveled Horizon (which made a large crop).

The background of the photo has lost a lot of detail and her hair makes it hard to mask and adjust a duplicate layer, but her face still had a lot of detail that was able to be retrieved. She may look a little golden, but my lighting in this room in kind of yellow but you could just tone down the saturation to balance. There are a lot of other ways to make this look good but I thought this was an easy route if you have many to do this with. Hopefully you like the results.
Wow, that looks like some of the HDR's that come around here! I'm sure her parents will love it!
Levels/curves/saturation and a touch more sharpening, and, please, portraits in landscape format using ROT when the background is a bland scene don't work when the subject is cropped this close in, yes mummy dearest will think its lovely but in this case the compositional aspects of the shot detract from the image as there is nothing of interest there, clone the chair out too, it adds zilch. Remember, rules are there to be broken. H

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