70-200mm F/2.8 L II I / Teleconverter


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Jun 2, 2013
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I have been wanting to get the 70-200mm F/2.8 L II IS for my T4i but i would also like to get a teleconverter to go along side with it for added distance when needed. I have read so many reviews and watched enough videos my eyes are falling out.

My question is does any one here use the 70-200mm F/2.8 L II IS with a extender 1.4x or 2x ? I know you lose some quality but the new version 3 extenders are "supposed" to work well. Just looking for someone with some hands on advice to help me solidify my decision.
I'm interest to see the answers. I have a T3i and already enjoying this lens. I will also like to had a 2x III canon teleconverter.

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I currently own the 70-200mm f2.8 IS L MII and my views on teleconverters are :

1.4TC - MII or MIII - very well worth using. You'll hardly see any image quality drop with either and its a nice range boost for very little cost, giving you a very solid 98-280mm f4 IS L lens. You can also easily shoot the combo wide open at f4 without worries

2*TC - MII or MIII - well worth using again. The cost is greater here and the image quality will take a noticeable hit; however with a good exposure and proper using you can get very usable image quality from the setup. Indeed in side by side tests the performance before editing is in line with the 100-400mm L lens and whilst the 100-400mm has the edge, after editing its very hard to tell the two apart from the photos they produce.
You will want to stop down one stop from wide open if you can - around f7.1 or f8 just to get a touch more sharpness - otherwise a very usable setup and well worth it if you want a quick 400mm lens with some zoom.

Note that I also used the original version of the lens before the MII and would only advise the 1.4TC with that lens, the 2*TC was just too strong for anything beyond record shots. The new MII is a big jump from the original lens in performance at the long end.

Note that the MII to MIII teleconverters don't make a night and day difference; the main feature of the MIII is their new AF chip, which doesn't appear to be used by anything that is less than a 300mm f2.8 IS L MII lens (So all your big super telephotos like the 400 and 500mm). Wide open and the corner performance on fullframe cameras is likely where you'll see the most difference, otherwise the MII still give very good performance overall.

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