Adobe Service Nightmare


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May 16, 2007
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Adobe Service Nightmare
I purchased CS3 or so I thought at Staples . Next day after I installed it on the laptop and entered the serial # , Got the message that what I had was a upgrade. You can not return opened software. I call adobe and they say NO PROBLEM just send us a copy of receipt and a letter of destruction and we will refund it to you in about 6 weeks, Well still no PS ,so I buy it from there web sight for 649.00 and CS3 is working very well. Four month later and still no refund . Call customer service to find out that the refund is DENIED as they don’t like the Staples receipt. And the serial number for the CS3 upgrade has been invalidated with the letter of destruction so I cant even give away the upgrade that I paid for. :grumpy:
They can't invalidate the copy if they deny you the refund. They should just return the product to you. Essentially you just gave them money for nothing. I'd be talking to customer service and giving them hell until i got at least my copy of the upgrade back. I used to work for a customer service company and if you just keep asking for supervisors on the phone and demanding a new serial number or a refund. Eventually you will get one or the other.
Yes thats what I need to do. Just keep trying. I have called so many times and given my name, phone, customer id, case #. Im sick of it. They last said send the recept again. I will try one more time tonight. Looks that I will eventually have a upgrade from cs2 to cs3 to give away.
Got the personal Email for the CEO at adobe. Sent the same as above to him. Roxanne is now going to get it straight on his behalf.:D
hahah I had a similar experience with Dell... sent an e-mail to the president of something or other... and all the sudden I had my own personal resolution specialist willing to do what I asked...

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