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Apr 26, 2010
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i went to the grave site today to visit a friend and had my camera so i took a few pictures any advice on how i did?


i didnt crop this one any but i did make it black and white and shapen it a little is it to much?


this one i did black and white and croped did a little contrast not much i wanted to go for the erry look but didnt know really if to much contract looked good or not
I am an amateur and so I'll give you an amateur answer:

Overexposed and "subject" is centered (but for this composition, it works), but I don't really see a subject per se, other than the two windows

Overexposed, part of a tree that should be cloned or cropped out on the right side of photo, could do with a slight crop to the left of the black marble headstone on the left side of photo, otherwise I believe this photo has the most potential.

Keep up with the practice...

I couldn't do much about the overexposure, but here is an example of my crop advice:

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thanks, yea i didnt even pay attention to that tree when i cropped.. editing is still way off to me i guess.. the first one i just loved that you could look in see the two box graves and right out the other window to the other graves...and the inside roof was falling threw some boards were showing a tad
That sounds as though it is was a photo worth capturing. I hope this is a spot you can go back to easily and continue to practice on these compositions.
it is.. my dear little friend is out there i try to go a few times a month its about 25 30 minutes away i have another one im going to add up i used a timer didnt have my tripod so its kinda slighty to the side but i did the contrast to it as well and black and white its nothing great but i loved the spot once again...

I really like the first one, but it needs some contrast. The hard part is the dynamic range of light in the picture. You have very bright showing through the far window, dark inside the building, and somewhat bright on the closer window. The only way to really balance the contrast between them is to select each brightness area and adjust the contrast for each. I would also crop it tighter around the window. All that brick doesn't really add to the picture:


I like the second picture as it is. One thing to note: I noticed you're using Photoshop 7. The way version 7 of photoshop does brightness and contrast is different than that of the newer (CS) versions. You might look for a copy of CS3 or CS4 somewhere. They made a lot of very useful improvements.

BTW: You can fix the slant in your third picture by selecting it then going to "Edit" then "Tranform" then "Rotate". Once you have it rotated, you'll have to crop it again.

it was very sunny today and very select on shade up there...but all i just used my macro button on my camera because i before was tryin to do the up close and blurry background but it wasnt working out well for me at all.. i really know nothing about my camera i need to read the book and figure out setting and all that i try my best with what i do know :) thank everyone for helping with the picture i do really like that it was my favorite of the day

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