Baby feet are my favorite :)


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Jul 8, 2010
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Took my friend out with her two kids to do some family shots...This is just one picture out of a couple of hundred but its my favorite. C&C is welcome!

Anyone else wanna comment?
I love me some baby feet, it is the only age they don't gross me out, once they start walking then yuck!
That being said, who cuts that kids nails? They are kind of short... lol no?
I keep my boys that short... if I don't they get disgusting. I agree about after walking feet are yucking. Baby feet though, adorable.

The picture itself is really nice. I would crop some of the very bottom, though.
Baby feet are the cutest thing. I could take pictures on them all day.

Really like the OPs picture. Agree with the crop though, I would get rid of a little on the bottom, colors came out nicely in the jeans though, nicely saturated but not overdone (IF that was through PP of course!).

In the top left though the dirt on the jeans is a slight distraction.
haha well I like some nail showing. They looks super short to me. You can see where the skin is attached to the nail! lol gag!

I HATE clipping nails! HATE it. My husband is in Afghanistan since January and my kids nails have only been clipped twice in that time, my mom flew to visit and when I went to her wedding in July! It grosses me out.
Thanks for the feedback...
I love baby feet as well, even toddler feet but once they get about 5 or older yuck!

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