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Dec 29, 2005
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hi guys
just blown 7 grand on a new bike and thought you'd like to see what ill be attepting to kill my self on over the next 12 months if it lats that long


its a devinci wilison

will post pics after the first time out when i get chance
If I spent 7K on a bicycle, I wouldn't even worry about killing wife would do it for me :lol:
woodsac said:
If I spent 7K on a bicycle, I wouldn't even worry about killing wife would do it for me :lol:
:lol: You said it! (except it would be my mom doing the killing)

I bought myself a $200 bike last year! That's enough for me :D
SEVEN f'ing k????? whoah! It looks really mean though, I'm sure you'll love it!! I've had some pricey MB's in my time, but nothing like that. It looks awesome - have a good ride!

I must be missing something from my monitor. Where's the motor? For 7K it should have a badass motor on it.;)
And this is 7K Sterling not Dollars???
I have a cousin that races pro-am out of Richardson. The punk works for Microsoft and always has two new bikes, one he buys, and one he recieved for free. Both identical. He offered me one once, I was so excited, then I realized he was 2 feet shorter than me......

He traded his model in 2 years ago and bought me and my wife Giant Rubicons

Was nice of him. They were only $400 bikes, but they work for me....and my wife won't go in the dirt lol
That is amazing! I havn't seen the new devinci's, our shop doesn't carry them. Those Canadian companies sure can make a mean bike though. I'm suprised for $7000 the rear brake isn't on a floating mount.
hehe, DHMTB goes off! :D

Friend of mine used to do it on a competitive level before his knees gave out.

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