Can anyone see any value in this equip over 100.00?

Ryan L

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Apr 20, 2010
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Shelbyville, MI
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This is for sale locally and they only want 100.00. Stuff from a school yearbook club that isnt using it. Mostly older stuff, and I would only resell the majority of it. No clue on anything but the Canon stuff. Worth more than 100.0 rough guess?

Canon AT-1 with lens 28mm 2.8
Canon EOS Rebel G (2 of these) with lenses
Canon EOS Rebel GII with lens
Sony FD Mavica MVC-FD200
Sony Digital Mavica
Richh KR-5 Super II (2 of these) with lenses

Vivitar Tele-Zoom 85mm - 205 mm 1:38 No.22218342
RMC TOkina 80-200mm 1:4 0555 83069164
Mosler Photoguard f = 35mm No. 73816 1:2.8
RKN MC Auto Zoom 1:3.5 - 4.5 f=35 - 70mm No. 664243

VIvitar auto 215 (2 of these)
Sunpak BZ 2600
Sunpak Power Zoom 5000AF


now why would I buy it for 100 just to spend 40 bucks for shipping to make me 20?
I'll give you $40 for shipping and will send you a stripper with your return address
now why would I buy it for 100 just to spend 40 bucks for shipping to make me 20?

lol, I dont know what shipping company you use, but I shipped a very large vacuum cleaner a couple years ago for about $15. You should be able to make $40-$50 on that, not $20. And for about an hours worth of going to pick it up, slapping a shipping label on it, and dropping it off at the UPS... I dont think thats too shabby. There are lots of people that would love to get $40/hr. :lol:
$85 and a dwarf whore that does it all
she loves necco wafers, so as long as you have plenty of those, no money needed.

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