Consistent Style vs New Challenge

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    I've been shooting for a few years and tend to shoot portraits mostly. I'm in various Facebook groups within my province (State) and quite often when I see a new photo pop up, even before I see who posted it, or any watermark, I can immediately identify which photographer took it based on style. (Lighting / Editing). I feel that I don't have one. Oh I'm sure there are some that people jump out and know it's me as I've shot a few similarly themed ones from time to time, but overall I find I am always "Trying new stuff". In part because I'm always trying to see how it can be done and in part because I like SO many different styles. In the last year especially I've been learning new methods with Photoshop and (Like most) I've probably overly processed a few. Some intentionally, others, after looking back months later I think "yeah... too much :)"

    My problem is I like trying new things, but I know it makes me much less consistent. If I were a client going to one of the other photographers I would have an idea of what the results will end up looking like, but if I were going to me... I would not be sure. (I would expect a certain quality but not a certain style) Which makes conversations with models/clients longer as we have to add in the "editing look" questions to be sure we're on the same page.

    People who have worked their way into specific styles... how did you chose? Was it simply, "that's your favorite and you perfected it to your liking and simply stick with it".... was it "you happen to edit one that way and kept getting requests for that same look?" Some other reason?

    Or are many of you like me.. constantly changing one shoot to the next?

    (If you are curious about my editing look, check out Facebook or Instagram as they are more up to date and probably shows more of the variety of style than my website.)

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    I don't know... I see some pretty consistent things in your work. The subject matter is invariably an attractive younger lady, and the style is almost either outdoor/ambient, or studio low-key-esque.

    As someone who does primarily portraiture myself, I can appreciate your position. my look tends to be a "more formal, studio, dark background" sort of look, with certain deviations for things such as my Veteran's Portrait Project, which are generally lit with a single gridded BD... This all just sort of evolved for me, as it's the look that I tend to like in images and I just added my own refinements as I progressed.

    I try a lot of new stuff as well; I'm always looking for "aspiring models" to do TF work to play with new ideas, and that's part of growing as an artist. I wouldn't worry about it; I think it's a case of you looking too closely at your own work. As I said, there are definite patterns there, and I think I could probably pick your work from a cast of dozens with reasonable accuracy.
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