Do you shoot with one eye open, or two?


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Jan 21, 2013
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Bailey, Colorado
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Maybe it's me, maybe it's not, but I'm used to shooting with one eye closed. After a few shots, my left eye ends up foggy when I reopen it and my whole vision is off for several minuets while it readjusts. :icon_cyclops_ani:

Shooting with one eye closed also forces me to worry about unsymmetrical wrinkles as I age from winking all the time. [emoji38]

I am considering become a pirate photographer, and wearing an eye patch while I shoot so I can keep both eyes open. :giggle:[emoji14]irate: But only if I get the cool boots and sheath that come with the title.

Anyone else have this issue? Any cool tricks I should know about?
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I have found in the past when shooting motocross that it is handy to know the exact time the bike comes onto a jump to get it mid air, so to answer your question i do sometimes keep both eyes open.
If you are in the habit of closing one eye, practice not closing really hard, as that compresses the eyeball which causes the blurriness.
I keep both eyes open.
As mentioned it is very handy when shooting action.

I am left eye dominant and have to consciously use my right eye at the viewfinder when I shoot action, so my left eye can see the 'big picture' without the camera in the way.
Using my left eye at the viewfinder, my right eye only sees the black back of the camera.
I agree with everyone here pretty much. I'm only commenting to reinforce it. With sports/action, keeping both eyes open is helpful just so you know when the action is going to come into frame. For example, if you have a camera that doesn't shoot a gazillion frames a second and you're trying to catch a batter swinging at a pitch while getting the ball in the frame - it is helpful to know when the pitch is coming. That's not really possible if you have the batter framed and one eye open only.

For landscapes, portraits, or otherwise static scenes, there is no need to have that second eye open and you can see the viewfinder more clearly with just the one eye.
Wait. ..... what? You mean you people only have two eyes?
Another that does it both ways. With portrait stuff, I find that close one eye. With sports (started with baseball) I try to keep both open. I also have tried changing eyes that I look through the viewfinder with to see if there is a difference in images.
I shoot blindfolded. It's a spiritual thing.
Man I hate those unsymmetrical wrinkles. I shoot with both eyes open. One eye looks through the viewfinder, the other scans around on the alert for additional keepers or impending doom.
"impending doom" is the key. If you shoot cross-country motorcycles, sports, news or alligators, even security stuff, you get so you keep both eyes open as a matter of habit. You haven't lived until you've had a 300 pound lineman try not to squash you like a bug and fail.
I focus manually so close one eye to focus, I just try to take breaks, even when I've been shooting with both eyes open at hockey games watching out for kids, the guys with the cotton candy, the mascot - since the action is on the other side of the boards!
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Left eye shut when focusing and taking photographs

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