Does this DoF work in this image?

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Apr 27, 2009
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I'm just not sure.

I think so. I like it.
I just don't like the blurred bulb in the immediate foreground. It's so large in the frame compared to the bulbs that are in focus, it just distracts me. I think it would have worked better if the bulb was in the same spot, but closer to the other bulbs.

With the current focus that you have now, your DoF would have to be really deep in order to get everything in focus. I don't think this is an issue of DoF - it seems like it's more of a focus thing...
Thanks Jeremy!

Rex, so you don't like the focus placed on the middle 3, and it would be better on the foreground bulbs?
It is interesting in the way it draws the eye around to the different bulbs... size / brightness here, sharp focus there... interesting....
The closest lamp should be the most in-focus.
What was your reasoning behind putting the focus on that light?
What was your reasoning behind putting the focus on that light?

To challenge the viewer. The first and last bulbs are OOF, going against what everyone else would do, and focus on the first thing in front of them letting the latter bulbs fall OOF. It's commentary against social norms.
But....but....didn't you break some kinda rule to do that?!!
I get the want to challange, but I don't think its quite so much a social norm as it is just uncomfortable for the eye to look at. I keep wanting to look at the center one, since its the biggest, there's not much more to it than that. Its a super interesting pic in itself though for just being lightbulbs.
NO it's doesnt work.The depth of field is too shallow and it was shot at f22 and that he needed to step back and crop more.Here is why. He was near maxed on aperture and still didnt get the right depth of field.Which means he needed a shorter focal length ............or to be further back from the subject to achieve the proper depth of field without diffraction which began to efftect the image once he passed f16
lol....or he wanted you to feel uncomfortable....
I just can't get past the closest bulb. I'm very symmetric minded and it's messing with me.
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