Personally I like using the term of 'Dudeoir'. I never even heard of the term beefcake/cheesecake being used in photography. when I here those words, cheesecake, I think of the yummy yummy dessert. and with beefcake, that just sounds gross. lol whatever you call it, dudeoir, beefcake, etc, it's what you interpret it to be. I'll keep calling it dudeoir.

Anyways, I don't think anything I've ever shot would be considered "dudeoir", however I have photographed many men in various states of undress, but not in a bedroom setting, and never in a very sexual way. I totally want to give it a try though now that you've put the idea in my head. As for modeling for dudeoir, I would only do so with a very experienced and skilled photographer who would know how to make me look good.

I think the idea of a "dudeoir" photo can be really beautiful if done right. In my head I picture a dudeoir photo to show a softer, more intimate side of a man, not something that necessarily put's all of the attention on the muscles or physique in the way that a beefcake photo would, however still using those aspects to draw the viewer to see it in a more sexually driven way without getting too crude.

I have a few examples of what I would expect it to look like saved in my inspirations folder. These aren't my images, but this is the look and feel that I would go for if shooting this genre:
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